Saturday, December 21, 2013

6 Ways to Ruin the Holidays ( Interview)

It's not all hot toddies and cozy fireplaces in the real world when you are balancing work and life, and the holidays. Sometimes the holidays are enough to send you over the edge.

Enter 6 Ways to Ruin the Holidays, an article by Marjorie Bogart with Jes' Delights as part of the Holiday Survival Kit, a series of interviews with mommy bloggers about how to survive the holidays with your spirit intact.

Check out the full article about what not to do this holiday season. And if you are looking for advice on how to make the most of your holidays, reminders to cherish every moment, and mind-blowing tips to accomplish everything on your to do list, you may want to re-route your web browser to this article on researched-based suggestions for happier holidays.

sand, santa, baby, toes
"Toes in the sand..." 
One of the hardest is accepting that we cannot do it all and keep our sanity. - See more at:

What tips do you have for surviving the holidays? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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