Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Seusstastical 2nd Birthday Party!

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday and to support Read Across America, I would love to share with you how we celebrated our son's 2nd birthday this year. Since my family was in town, we coordinated with everyone to create our own little Seussville, and even dressed up for the occasion.

Take a peek...

I created the invitations using iWork's Pages on my Mac. I downloaded a special "Doctor Soos" font for free to give the "suessvites" a custom look and my husband and I crafted the wording one night after a few drinks with a gigantic stack of Dr. Seuss books as inspiration.

(Yes, the librarian thought I was nutso checking out this many Seuss books!)...
I made the party decorations myself from re-purposed materials we had been saving, like empty canisters and cardboard. I gave last year's party hats a makeover, and turned the pom poms into whimsical puffs on striped straws to resemble The Lorax's truffula trees in Cat in the Hat colors. I also bought one book to use for the decorations and cut out the pages to make cards, a backdrop for the "Seussville" door sign, and a custom bunting with the birthday boy's name on it.

What party starts without a Pinterest board these days? Not one I plan! So here it is, Jes' Delights' Dr. Seuss Party Inspiration Board. I found so many great ideas from other blogs, so wanted to be sure to share them for those wanting to throw their own Suesstical event.

I purchased the books, party favors, and thank you cards from Kohl's Hats Off to Helping Kids program, so 100% of the profits went toward helping kids' health and education initiatives nationwide. I know this is such a small gesture, but I love to incorporate giving back into any celebration and hope to amp this up as our son grows older and can be more involved in choosing how we do that. 

We also passed around the book Happy Birthday To You! by Dr Seuss with a pen for everyone to sign their birthday wishes as a keepsake for our son.
And I set out three very special editions of The Cat in the Hat. One was my mother's from when she was a child, the second was from my childhood, and the third is the one I bought for Lili.

Since this party was for a 2-year-old, but most of the people there were adults, I selected some trivia about Dr. Seuss and his books to see who would guess them correctly, and also checked out the book Dr. Seuss Goes to War to pass around. Did you know Dr. Seuss created political cartoons during World War II?

I also made a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish game and my sister got the cutest Dr. Seuss stacking blocks for the young and young at heart to play with. And for Lili's school "party", I sent him in with a made up game based on the book Ten Apples Up On Top. Since Dr. Seuss is so popular with teachers, it was easy to find fun games and free printouts online.

We kept the dinner menu simple and named some of the dishes nonsensical names from Dr. Seuss's books, like Cat in the Hat caprese, grickle grass green beans, and of course green deviled eggs on a slice of ham.
 We had vegan birthday Who Cakes and for the adults, Belgian framboise beer chocolate cupcakes. I used packaged cotton candy stuck on top of striped straws on the birthday cupcakes to look like truffula trees from The Lorax. You can see why I needed to make a cupcake tower!

Nana brought the birthday boy a sparkler candle in the shape of a 2 that was a huge hit! Sparkler!

It's hard to believe our little baby is 2!

But these photos definitely show a two-year-old in action!...

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
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  1. Jessica, you cease to amaze me. Now the creativity comes out... wow, what a party. I made Ty a quilt with Dr Suess material and I will have to send you a picture of it. What a treasure. I am keeping it at my house to use on the bed when he comes to visit. TOo much work into it to worry he might decide to "color" on it someday at his house. Loved your party! Mom Eriksen

    1. Thank you Momma Rita! I would love to see Ty's quilt, it sounds lovely. He's lucky he has a Grandma as beautiful inside and out as you!

  2. that is amaZing! You did a great job. You never cease to amaze me with all the choices you make away from the norm, the creativity, AND working full time, along with the hubs. You guys are a poster kids for all the rest of us mere mortals. Seriously though you need another post soon on balancing the whole work/kid thing with the hubby b/c you guys make it look to easy with the enriching trips here and there, cool parties, homemade soap, etc. :) Love it.

    1. Ha! I am shocked to hear this and truly appreciate the kind words. It's hard to juggle it all, but so worth it, right? That is sweet of you to say about writing another post on balancing work and life because I'm working on something now for another site and can't wait to share it with you!!!

  3. Oh my goodness Jessica, that is sooo cute and Liam looks like he is having so much fun with his presents. What a beautiful party. I also can't believe your little one is 2, it is so amazing how quickly time goes by. Happy Birthday to Liam and Congrats on 2 great years to you and Stephen

    1. Thanks couz! He had so much fun, especially with his turtle tent - a big hit, from Cappy and Nanna :) It is so hard to believe he is already 2. It's like they say, you blink and they are all grown up.

  4. Tell you mom the book was mine. Can I have it back please :--)

    1. Haha, ok Aunt Laury, I'll let her know ;) #siblingrivalry